Learn How To Worm Compost

Comprehensive resources and how to guides. Gain knowledge of the ins and outs of vermicomposting.

Getting Started

Worm Bin Bedding 101

The most important step in setting up a worm farm is selecting the right bedding material.

Worm Farm Reviews

Best worm farm guide based on our own experience, feedback from the community, other blogs and numerous Youtube videos.

Worm Bin Troubleshooting Guide

Know the signs and symptoms of common worm farm problems and how to fix them.

What (And What Not) to Feed Worms

Understand the basics. What do worms eat and why some foods are bad.

Detailed Worm Bin Reviews

Can O Worms Review

Can O Worms reviewIn this Can O Worms review we explain why this worm farm is perfect for beginners.

Hungry Bin Review

The Hungry Bin looks like a rubbish bin on wheels, but don't let it's appearance deceive you.

Getting Started

Ok... So you're interested in starting a worm farm or looking for some helpful resources? Let me help you navigate your way around. 🙂


Raising Worms



About This Website

Hi there! My name is Daniel Powney. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have a young family and work in IT.

When I first started a worm farm, I  found a lot of worm farm blogs were too detailed and overly scientific for new starters. So as a way to learn and to help others, I decided to create this website.

I really enjoy the composting process. But I don't take things too seriously.

Once you understand the fundamentals, maintaining a worm farm is easy and fun.

Happy worm farming!

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Play The Worm Farm Game. Add foods for your worms to digest. Watch out for problems.
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