Best In Ground Worm Farm Reviews for 2021

An in ground worm farm is relatively cheap and simple. They are also sometimes referred to as worm tower because they stick out of the ground.

The base of an in-ground worm composter is buried in the ground. This allows worms to come in and out. Surrounding plants have direct access to the worm castings and leachate as well. So no harvesting is required. When there are problems, worms can freely move out and return when conditions improve.

Here’s our top picks for the best in ground worm farms:

Tumbleweed In Ground Worm FarmLarge capacity. Looks like a tower. Has a foot pedal to easy lid opening. Made from insulated plastic.Check Price
Tumbleweed Worm Feast In-ground Worm FarmSmaller capacity. Only the lid is visible above ground. Made from recycled plastic.Check Price
Biogize Compost Worm TowerSmall to medium capacity. Bucket is buried in the ground. Made from polyethylene.Check Price
Worm Farm Comparison
What Worms Should I Use for an In-Ground Worm Farm?

In ground worm farms encourage native worms, but they are not very efficient at breaking down food waste. All worm farms require special composting worms. Red Wiggler composting worms are the best. You can buy them online here.

Tumbleweed In Ground Worm Farm

This worm farm is quite popular for composting pet poo. It’s made from insulated plastic which helps to maintain the ideal temperature for worm composting. Remembering that worms like the same temperature range as humans do. The base of the worm farm is buried in the ground. It is a tall worm farm, 20 inches (or 50cm) high, with large capacity. The foot pedal makes it super easy to feed your worms.


  • Very easy to use – foot pedal to open the lid and do not need to bend down
  • Large capacity
  • Well insulated


  • Not very aesthetic – massive eye sore
  • Comes with screws, washers and nuts for assembly
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Tumbleweed Worm Feast In Ground Worm Farm

The Tumbleweed Worm Feast is a nice little aesthetic worm composter. The bin is completely buried in the soil and it has no bottom. It’s perfect for a raised garden bed or vegetable bed. I like how it’s small and doesn’t protrude much. You can easily hide it in your garden. Given it’s size, this worm farm can be very complimentary an existing composting setup.


  • Easily blends into your garden
  • Works really well for small vegetable patches / raised garden beds


  • Small capacity – not able to produce a lot of worm castings
  • Reports that it can be a bit difficult to assemble
  • The plastic is not very strong.
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Biogize Compost Worm Tower

Similar to the Tumbleweed In Ground Feast Composter but slightly bigger and made from more durable plastic. It’s described as a pail or bucket with holes. When it’s buried in the ground it looks OK. It’s a good idea to place a rock on the lid.


  • Medium capacity – not too small or too big
  • Can be hidden from view in the garden
  • Lid has some holes for ventilation


  • Basically just a bucket with pre-drilled holes and a lid
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Overall, I like the Tumbleweed Worm Feast In-Ground Worm Farm the most. It doesn’t dominate your garden. And it’s very complimentary with other compost bins. However for composting dog poo, The Tumbleweed In Ground Worm Farm is better suited for this.

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