How to Compost Dog Poo in A Worm Farm

My dog Gypsy loves the new composting system.

I have a pet Kavoodle. Her name is Gypsy. Getting rid of dog poo is a never ending problem. A medium sized dog produces 180kg of poo a year. That’s a lot of poo! Putting pet waste in the rubbish bin is not sustainable. Most people I know use biodegradable plastic bags. But biodegradable plastic bags don’t degrade as as quickly as you think under landfill conditions. There’s a better way. You can compost dog poo in a worm farm.

I have been using the Tumbleweed Worm Buffet in-ground worm farm for a few weeks now to compost dog poo. I’m quite happy with the new system. I use a scoop to pick up the poo and just pop it in the worm farm. No plastic bags. Out of sight out of mind. The worms don’t seem to mind (they don’t really have a choice). It’s good for the environment too which is a plus.

Benefits of Composting Dog Poo

Only the lid from this in-ground worm farm is visible.

Worm composting and dog poo: the perfect combination. There’s so many benefits for composting dog poo:

  • Contained in and easy to manage. One spot where everything goes
  • Minimal smell
  • In ground worm farm can be hidden
  • Environmentally friendly – keeps dog poo away from landfill
  • Fertilizes nearby plants and trees
  • Fast and efficient

Rules for Composting Dog Poo in A Worm Farm

A dog poo worm farm works the same as a normal worm farm. Except there’s a couple extra rules you need to follow:

Don’t fertilize edible plants / fruit using dog poo worm farm compost.Pet poo contains pathogens and bad bacteria that can harm us.

Finished worm castings will have parasites. So don’t touch or spread around your veggie path or fruit trees. Keep your in ground dog poo worm farm far away.
Keep a dog poo worm farm separate.Worms have no problem eating dog poo. But if they had the choice between watermelon and dog poo, they’ll go for the watermelon every time. So don’t give them the choice.
After worming your dog, wait a few weeks before adding dog poo again.Guess what? Worm tablets kill worms! You can try a bokashi bin rather than a worm farm if your pet has just been wormed.
Do not wrap dog poo in compostable bagsIt still takes 6 months to break down…
Dog Poo in Worm Farm Rules

How to Setup A Dog Poo Worm Farm

Tumbleweed Worm Buffet In-ground Worm Farm
Tumbleweed Worm Buffet In-ground Worm Farm

In ground worm farms work well for dog poo composting.

You will need:

  1. Buy an in ground worm farm or DIY using a bucket with an empty bottom. I have a Tumbleweed Worm Buffet in ground worm farm (the Tumbleweed Worm Feast in-ground worm farm is very similar).
  2. Handful of composting worms. These are not the same as the worms you find in your garden. Red Wiggler composting worms are the best. You can buy them online here. I just grabbed a couple handfuls of worms from my other above ground worm bins.
Simply open the lid of your worm farm and drop the poo in.

The base of an in ground worm farm needs to be buried (you guessed it) in the ground. So you’ll need to dig a big hole. I was surprised at how far down I had to dig for the Worm Buffet. It was at good 1.5 feet deep. Make sure you can easily open the lid and empty dog poo in.

Then to complete the setup, add your composting worms with some worm bin bedding material. Remember to add carbon materials like newspaper or carboard often. This helps to neutralize acidity in the worm bin and keep everything in balance.

Other Notes

Worms like the same temperatures as humans. If the temperature gets below 40° F or 4° C, your worms will start to die off. But their eggs will survive and hatch when conditions get warmer. So depending on where you live, composting dog poo in a worm farm may be seasonal.

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