How to Avoid A Whack in the Face and Rid Fruit Flies in Worm Bin

I hate Fruit Flies in a worm bin. Whenever I open the lid they whack me in the face! Make sure you cover up your food with some bedding.
Fruit flies in worm bin… Whenever I open the lid they whack me in the face!

Have you opened your worm farm bin and been overwhelmed with multiple fruit fly hitting you in the face? Don’t be alarmed fruit flies are one of the most common pests in any worm farm. The average adult fruit fly lives around 50 days and can produce hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. To a fruit fly a worm farm is heaven on earth. It’s a smorgasbord of tasty food scraps and a safe place for them to lay their eggs. Therefore its important to take preventative measures to deter them from invading your worms farm. There are a number of ways to resolve the problem of fruit flies in worm farm.

How to Rid Fruit Flies in Worm Bin: Things To Try

Adding a thin layer of moist newspaper over the top of your food scraps can make a natural barrier preventing the flies from accessing the food.

Making sure you don’t place large clumps of food in your worm farm. By cutting up the food into smaller clumps the food can break down more quickly and be eaten by your worms more easily.

Freezing all worm food can deter flies from laying their eggs on the skin off the food. It’s important to be mindful that the worms may react if their environment if it’s too cold, so thaw the produce slightly before placing in worm farm.

Bury food so it’s not directly accessible for fruit flies to get to. This produces a natural barrier similar to placing a damp piece of newspaper on top of food scraps.

Overfeeding your worms too much can also play a factor in attracting fruit flies. Practice giving your worms different amounts of food so you can find the optional amount suited for them.

Avoid putting any rotting food directly into your worm farm as it often has egg larvae in it.

Temporarily you can remove the worm farm lids for a few hours in the sun as this can cause some flies to leave.

Placing plants like a Venus fly trap near your worm farms can help reduce numbers. Other plants like basil and lemongrass are natural insect repellents and if you have a green thumb place a few pots near your worm farm.


Worm Farm DIY Fruit Fly Trap
Worm Farm DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Having fruit flies in your worm bin is really annoying; especially with indoor bins. I haven’t had big success with a DIY fruit fly traps (see picture). Taking the lid off the bin for a few hours (letting the flies to exit) and removing any rotten / fermenting food has worked well for me. But this fix is only temporary. Fruit flies tend to appear in moist and humid conditions. This is usually a symptom of overfeeding.

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