The Worm Farm Game

Add foods for your worms to digest and produce worm castings. Your score is tied to the productivity of your worms. The game is over when problems occur in your bin e.g. too wet. How many days can you keep it up?


C:N Ratio
pH Level
Greens vs. Browns
Day 0
Worm Count 1000
Worm Castings
Score 0


  • Moisture should be between 60%-75%
  • Ideal pH is between 6 and 7
  • Optimal C:N ratio between 25:1 and 30:1
  • Ideal temperature is between 59°F – 86°For 15°C – 30°C
  • Aim for equal portions of greens and browns
  • Worms will eat fresh food and foods they like first
  • Water slowly evaporates and is absorbed by browns
  • Worms eat can eat roughly half of their own body weight each day (assume a worm weighs 4.5g)
  • Uneaten greens will rot or ferment after a few days
  • Worms eat less and do not reproduce when conditions are not right

How To Play The Worm Farm Game

The goal of the game is to convert as much food waste as you can into worm castings. Try to keep your worms happy to maximize productivity. Not properly maintaining your worm farm can lead to problems (e.g. too wet) and impact productivity (e.g. worms eat less foods or don’t reproduce).

How to Add Food

Click on the Food menu option and select which foods you’d like to add. Note that you can click the Food menu option multiple times.

The volume of greens and browns should be roughly 50% each.

How to Increase Moisture

Add foods with high water content e.g. watermelon is 92% water. You can also add water directly by clicking on the Water menu option and select which water you’d like to add. Brown foods (e.g. newspaper) and worm castings will absorb some water.

Note that some water may be lost due to evaporation and leachate. That’s why worm castings may reduce weight.

How to Decrease Moisture

Add foods with low water content e.g. carboard. Do not add any high water content foods for a few days.