Worm Factory 360 Review – The All in One Worm Bin

Worm composting is a fast-acting, odor-free method of reducing your organic waste by turning it into organic, nutrient-rich compost that your soil can put to good use. Additionally, the process of composting with worms is one that requires minimal effort on your part. Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about one of the most effective worm composting systems.

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Feeding worms is easy with the Worm Factory 360. Just add on top.
Feeding worms is easy with the Worm Factory 360. Just add on top.
  • An Expandable System – A multi-tray composter, which allows it to be highly adjustable. 4 stacking trays are included and the composter can hold up to 8 trays at once.
  • Simple Assembly – The assembly process is pretty easy. You can unpack and assemble the whole thing within 5 minutes. Included in the package is an instructions manual that’ll guide you through every step.
  • Takes Up Little Space – This worm composter boasts an 18×18-inch footprint. It’s extremely easy to fit this system in smaller spaces. This is great for those who live in smaller households.
  • 10-Year Warranty – Constructed from highly-durable, recycled materials that’ll certainly last you for years. Also, it’s backed by a 10-year warranty that proves just how confident the manufacturer is in the product.


  • Requires Regular Care – Can get clogged up by castings if it’s being cared for regularly. The clogging tends to take place at the drainage spigot. Further, you’ll need to keep an eye on the worms in order to make sure that they’re healthy.

Design & Appearance

Worm Factory 360 worm farm packag
Worm Factory 360 worm farm package

The Worm Factory 360 features an 18×18-inch footprint. It stands on four feet that are made of highly durable plastic. The feet are equipped with slots that are designed to accommodate the included removable trays. As the capacity of the system increases, more trays are to be added.

While the Worm Factory 360 package includes 4 removable trays, the system can be expanded vertically up to 8 trays.

The lid can also be used as a stand to hold the trays during the harvesting process. The whole system weighs 11 pounds and it’s available in 3 different colors: black, green, and terracotta.

Assembly Process

Trays sit on top of each other
Trays sit on top of each other

The Worm Factory 360 is easy to assemble. Instructions are included. It takes less than a few minutes to assemble the Worm Factory 360.

After assembly, it’s time to fill the removable trays. All of the accessories required to layer the removable trays are included in the package. A DVD is included which explains the process step by step.

Air Ventilation

Thanks to its thermo-siphon airflow design, the Worm Factory 360 does a remarkable job as far as providing adequate airflow. As a result, the time needed for the system to compost isn’t really that long. But then again, the composting time can vary based on the type of used materials.

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There’s a collection base at the bottom to collect the liquids that drip out of the system. And a small plastic container to accommodate the runoff of liquid when you open the spout at the bottom.

There’s also a tiny worm ladder that fits between the initial tray and the collection base. The ladder is designed to help worms crawl back up to where the food is.


The Worm Factory 360 is a highly affordable composter system that you can buy for a little over $100. The included accessories are:

  • Four worm trays
  • Worm bin bedding materials
  • Mineral rock dust
  • Instruction manual
  • Instruction DVD
  • Worm ladder
  • Drainage spigot
  • Thermometer
  • Hand rake
  • Scraper

If you feel like 4 worm trays won’t be enough for your needs, you can add more. Each set includes 4 removable worm trays.

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Worm Factory 360 Review Conclusion

Using the Worm Factory 360, you’ll find it easy to make the fresh, nutrient-rich compost your plants need. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions with regard to the Worm Factory 360.

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