Worm Farm Quiz! Are You a Guru?

25 questions to test your knowledge. Let us know how you did in the comments.

Question 1 - How many hearts do worms have?

Question 2 - Worms dislike which food?

Question 3 - Which statement is false?

Question 4 - What is the ideal pH range in a worm bin?

Question 5 - Which method effectively reduces acidity in a worm bin?

Question 6 - Which worm bin has a continuous flow through design?

Question 7 - What is the nickname for worms which only come to the surface at night?

Question 8 - Which species of composting worm is popular as a prolific breeder and most tolerant to extreme conditions?

Question 9 - Worms are hermaphrodites. True or false?

Question 10 - What should you NOT do to cool your worms on hot days?

Question 11 - Which of the following foods should you avoid putting in your worm bin?

Question 12 - How can you neutralize pH levels in the worm bin?

Question 13 - What quantity of food can you expect worms to consume per day?

Question 14 - What is the ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio (C:N) in the worm bin?

Question 15 - Worms do not have any teeth. What are some recommended ways to optimize worm farm food for consumption? Choose 3 answers.

Question 16 - The Gippsland Giant Earthworm from Australia can grow up to how many metres long?

Question 17 - There are many different methods to harvest worm castings. Which method involves creating pyramid-shaped piles of worm castings and using a bright light?

Question 18 - Worms are cold blooded animals. True or false?

Question 19 - What is a common sign that your worm bin is too dry?

Question 20 - Most pests are harmless in a worm bin. Which pest is NOT harmless?

Question 21 - Worms live in the dark and are very sensitive to light. True or false?

Question 22 - Worms breathe through their mouths. True or false?

Question 23 - What is the average lifespan of a Red Wiggler worm?

Question 24 - How can you tell apart a baby worm from an adult worm?

Question 25 - Worm cocoons can be dormant (not hatch) for years until conditions are right. True or false?

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