Worm Farm Supplies – What I Use and Recommend

OK. So you’ve just purchased a worm farm. What are some of the other things you may need? I trust and use the following worm farm supplies.

Summary of Worm Farm Supplies – Our Top Picks

pH and Moisture MeterUse to help maintain a healthy worm bin environmentCheck Price
Refrigerator MagnetHelpful reminder on what foods should go in the worm binCheck Price
Kitchen Compost ContainerHandy container to collect your kitchen scraps for compostingCheck Price
Fish Tank Air PumpUse to oxygenate worm tea and increase bacteriaCheck Price
Dolomite LimeUse to lower pHCheck Price
Worm BlanketTo cover your food scraps, keep moist and darkCheck Price
Worm Farm & Compost ConditionerHelps to maintain a healthy worm farm environmentCheck Price
Worm farm accessories

pH & Moisture Meter

pH and moisture can be tricky to get right. So why don’t you just use a meter to eliminate the guess work? It’s super easy.

Insert the prongs into the bedding to get a pH and moisture level reading. The ideal pH is be between 6 – 7. And moisture levels should be between 60% and 75%.

Check Price

Refrigerator Magnet

Get a fridge magnet so you can quickly check what foods you can add into a worm bin.

This infographic includes tips and advice on how to feed your worms. Which will will help everyone in the family.

Check Price

Kitchen Compost Container

You’ll need a container in your kitchen to collect your food scraps. And then when the container gets full, you can empty it out into your compost bins.

I always curate the food scraps to make sure I don’t add the wrong foods into my worm bin.

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Fish Tank Air Pump

Worm tea is made using a handful of worm castings mixed with bucket of water. You can accelerate bacteria growth in worm tea by adding more oxygen using a fish tank air pump. This will significantly increase the number of microbes in your worm tea and enhance it as a liquid fertilizer.

Here’s my setup.

Check Price

Dolomite Lime

Occasionally, worm farm supplies such as Dolomite Lime are needed to neutralize acidity and increase the pH. Sprinkle it in your bedding to help fix pH issues.

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Worm Blanket

A worm blanket creates a comfortable environment for your worms. It will keep the bin dark and moist; enabling your worms to thrive.

This blanket is made from 100% natural coir fibres. So it will slowly break down. A worm blanket should last between 4-6 weeks.

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Worm Farm Conditioner

Sprinkle conditioner every couple of weeks to neutralize acidity and balance pH levelsĀ in the bin.

Made from natural minerals. It also improves soil health and will reduce odors and pests in your worm farm.

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